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Mentorship Semi-Scholarship

Every 6 months, Didi gives back her time to give five people a chance to mentor with her. Didi believes that if you have "skin in the game", you are more likely to succeed, hence there are no free sessions, but rather this heavily discounted scholarship. If you are interested in becoming her mentee, you are welcome to apply for this position to be placed on her waiting list. She will contact you once a spot opens up. Simply apply by answering these questions:


(Discount of Approx. 60%)

  1. Why do you think you will be a good candidate for the DIDI mentorship scholarship?

  2. Who are your role models and why?

  3. Do you have a business already?  If so, what is your business?

  4. What would you like to have accomplished in one year's time?

and send them to her directly via email to (Subject: Mentorship scholarship)

One Hour Consultation

This is an opportunity for you to pick Didi's brain for whatever you may need help with. Past clients have:​


This is essentially YOUR time to ask her about whatever you want. This can include:​
  • Taken Didi "out for lunch" to be in her presence (most effective)

  • Booked a zoom call, Facetime call or Whatsapp video call with her

  • Booked a phone call with her

  • Emailed her a business plan and then get 45 mins to review it

  • Emailed her questions for her to answer during a 45 mins call

  • Practice your speech in front of her

  • Have her review your webinar, your course or your product

  • Practice your elevator pitch for her to give feedback

  • Pitching an idea for her to be an investor

  • Asking her about how to start a TV show

  • Proposing a joint venture or Mastermind 

  • Inviting her to your event to speak or receive an award or mentor in a group setting or lead a mastermind

  • Personal Relationship questions

  • Personal motherhood questions 

  • Simply a conversation that you would like to have with Didi.

Monthly Coaching

This program is most likely suited for clients who have already gone through the deep dive or a group coaching or any of Didi's more intensive programs and are looking for monthly maintenance. If you are just needing general business or investment advice or just want to have a mentor to guide you in your weekly projects with simple question and answer sessions, this is also suitable for you.


(6-month commitment required)

Business Course Production


  • You will end the 4 weeks with a product to sell

  • Content creation consultation

  • Video Production included

  • Graphics designed for you

  • PR package created


This is a 4-week intensive DONE FOR YOU course.

8-Week Business AcceleratAr Done-With-You Deep Dive

(Great for brand new entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who have not made the money they want, speakers, coaches, authors, financial advisors and real estate agents)


this is the program that most clients start with

           You can pick from:

  • Starting a new business

  • Restructuring your business

  • Creating a video training series with 7 modules, intro and conclusion

  • Creating a webinar

  • Creating a tangible educational product to sell​

This 8 week program will include lots of homework. Remember Didi is known as the “Business AcceleratAr” so her goal is to double your money in half the time. So be prepared to work intensively. 

You will meet with her once a week for one hour.  In person or on Zoom. Some clients like to double up and meet with her for two hours every two weeks. Expect each session to be a work session except the very first hour.

And you will end the eight weeks with a proper business system and structure or a product/service that you can distribute to the world right away.

If your situation calls for the latter, you actually will have something to sell to start making passive income immediately!​

  • Your past and your story

  • Branding & Marketing (Building your website or Relaunching it (included in the price) as well as covering marketing as a big topic

  • Creating your avatar

  • Your Elevator Pitch

  • Your on-camera skills 

  • 20 marketing videos to be recorded

  • A whole video series/product/service completed or a whole new business system to be created            (Production cost included)

  • Access to Didi’s high net-worth network (PRICELESS!)

This is a deep dive to MAKE YOU MONEY.   

In the eight weeks, we will cover:

Ultimate 1-Year Apprenticeship

(Please email for more info)

Keynote Speaking Engagement


or 50% of back room sales (whichever is higher)

It is also a massive “clean up” program of getting rid of your limiting beliefs.

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