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How to Deal With Feelings of Overwhelm


Nicole D. from Porter Ranch, Ca. asks:

"Do you ever feel overwhelmed where you just cry? Do you ever wonder, how am I supposed to take care of these kids and the new one on the way when your current toddlers barely listen to you now? Do you ever wonder how am I supposed to be a mother, wife, lover, housekeeper, cook, bus driver, etc. and keep it together and be fit all at the same damn time??

Yeah, all these questions run through my mind all the time. I am definitely feeling the huge change in my life. But first and foremost you must make yourself the priority. 'Cause if you are not happy, nobody will be. It's not being selfish, it's being smart. Always ask yourself the question, "what choice would make me feel genuinely good?" And then go for that choice. Don't try to be perfect with housekeeping. Don't put the media's weight standards on yourself. Your husband and you are equal so he has to please you as much as you have to please him, but with these situations you should compromise. Life will sort itself out. I would say don't analyze too much - you will just drive yourself crazy. Instead, embrace the situation and see it as an empowering challenge. You can do it! Good luck!

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