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Kids and Healthy Food

Family cooking

Ken G. from Sherman Oaks, Ca. asks:

“What are some kid-friendly snacks that are ‘real’ food?”

String cheese, carrots, grapes (cut up if your child is small), raisins (again for age appropriate kids only), apples with peanut butter, hummus, I was taught by a good friend this amazing lentil dish from Trader Joe's (if you live in an area where there is a Trader Joe’s around). It is one packet of cooked lentils mixed with bruschetta sauce. It is delicious and can be eaten with healthy crackers. Bananas, clementines, and strawberries. Even cooked satay chicken taken off the stick and cut into pieces to pack for their lunches at school is a good option. Edamame makes a good companion for the satay chicken. Hard-boiled eggs. As you can see, none of this really requires much preparation except maybe washing the fruits and cutting them up or boiling the eggs! I am all about efficiency!

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