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Quick Style Tips for Busy Women


Merav G. from Sherman Oaks, Ca. asks:

“Do you have any easy make-up or hair solutions and tricks?”

I have to be honest, make up is not my forte, BUT I do know a few tricks from having had make up put on me in the last 6 months when I was filming my show and for various events. For a daily natural look, I suggest using tinted moisturizer (I use Laura Mercier) and color match it to your face and neck. The trick is to always put it on and not stop at the jaw line and bring it into your neck to smooth the color out. To look a little warmer, I like using bronzer on the “T-zone” and cheeks. I like the mascaras that wash off easily like Kevin Aucoin's curling mascara. I have been told by my amazing make up artist that it really makes a difference if you curl your lashes and comb them to separate them before applying mascara. Your eyes will open up! One other easy tip is to apply blush only on your cheekbones so make a big, cheesy smile when applying blush or bronzer and brush from the outside in.

For hair, I would say if you have fine hair like me, to only put conditioner on the ends and not on the roots so not to weigh it down. It's good to add a conditioner in after you wash it to condition your hair. Maybe do a hair mask once a week or bi-weekly. If you haven't tried those dry shampoos before, I would say, try it for those lazy days when you just don't feel like washing your hair but your hair is looking a little greasy. Playing with hair is fun… Experiment. Try a different parting sometimes, or be brave and cut your hair short for a real big change! I like to achieve volume by spraying my hair with volume spray and back combing the roots a bit, especially when I put my hair up in a ponytail so the crown of my head has a bit of oomph! 2nd day hair is the easiest to style.

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