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Implementing Mindfulness for Your Children

Family walking into the sunset

Merav G. from Sherman Oaks, Ca. asks:

“What can I do to help my children with mindfulness?”

Communication comes to mind right away. First and foremost, parents need to talk to their children no matter on what subject. And repeat it on a daily basis. So to help your child achieve more awareness on mindfulness, teach them to be present as much as possible. With smart phones, video games and TV constantly nearby, try to dedicate quiet time and turn off all electronics while having these conversations. YOU have to set an example too. A child will copy what he or she sees, especially dealing with his or her parents. So if you want your child to be conscious of what food he or she is eating, then when you eat together, talk about the food, talk about its nutrition value… even if you are not eating something good and it was a treat, you can still instill the idea of why you are allowing yourself to eat this right now. If you want your child to have manners and be mindful of others and be considerate, then you must be the example. Be aware of how you talk to people in front of them because they are sponges and will soak it all in. Talking to them after school each day is invaluable as you learn about their friends and what may have happened that was good or not. I suggest asking with detailed questions rather than just, "How was school today?". Ask about specific friends in the class. And reading stories to them is another great way to teach mindfulness.

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