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Eating Well On The Go

Blueberry smoothie

Leslie E. from Encino, Ca. asks:

“How do you manage to eat healthy while on the go, including while traveling for business?”

My answer to this question may not be the ideal answer but I want to answer you with authenticity and the way I would do it. So each time I travel for pleasure, I would make sure I eat really well before I travel so that I prepare to allow myself to eat whatever I want to eat when I am on the go. It is sometimes quite impossible to eat well if you only see fast food in the airports or restaurants that charge you an arm and a leg for just a simple salad. Sometimes, even just a bottle of water is $4 because they know there is nowhere else you can buy it. You can of course do it the way many do and pack your own food, but sometimes even a yogurt may create hassle with security and you do not want to be disappointed after you made an effort to pack good food. Cheese and nuts are always great options for snacks. I know there are many of those protein bars or healthy bars you can also buy for on the go but to be honest, I hate eating those myself. I prefer real food. So back to my first point about eating really well before your journey and allowing yourself to “cheat” while on the go, and as soon as you get back you can jump right back onto the healthy wagon. How does that sound? The way I see it, when you are travelling to see the world, part of the world is culture and cuisine, it would be silly to forbid yourself to eat whatever you want. Life is about living, not just health, and being too strict just means you are missing out on really living!

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