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Choosing The Right School

Children at preschool

Shirley A. from Encino, Ca. asks:

“How do you choose the right school for your child?”

When I was looking at preschools for the first time, and now elementary schools, I made sure I did my homework. BUT, I also knew that he would end up where he will end up so there is no need to stress. So I read about several schools online and talked to many moms with whom I feel I have the same values and see where they have sent their children. Finding the right school is much like finding the right house or the right partner or friend. It is about a feeling. You will find that when you tour the schools you will get a good or bad feeling right away. Perhaps “bad feeling” is not quite the right phrase, but you’ll get a feeling that there might be something missing. You have to weigh all the pros and cons. Is it the right school for your budget? Is it in the kind of neighborhood that you would be comfortable with your child to be in? Does it have the right philosophies in education? How are the teachers, do they have loyal teachers and staff? Do they feed your kid junk food? Do they have events for the parents to get to know each other? You definitely need to know what type of teaching you would like for your child. For me, I love the traditional behind the desk and a blackboard with textbooks kind of education but with a modern twist like added iPads and new technologies. Some may be more into the progressive style of teaching and may not like textbooks and prefer learn by play. I also suggest taking time to sit in a class when making the decision. Most schools will allow for you to sit in to really get the experience.

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