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Making Time for Exercise

Fitness trainer

Leslie E. from Encino, Ca. asks:

“How do you work exercise into your daily routine with 4 kids?”

So, I literally achieved this goal last week when I went to the gym four times. My oldest was in school, my 2nd child was napping (she always naps at the same time) and my twins were fed right before I left. There are a few options I take to make this happen. I can either use the child care option in my gym if my 2nd child was not napping, I could also communicate with my husband in advance to make sure he would be fine being home with my four kids (during the weekend) while I take an hour away to the gym or use a hired caretaker to look after them while I take the hour away. My gym is 3 minutes away from home, which also helps. All of this requires planning. I planned to join a gym that is that close to me, I planned to join a gym that offered childcare and I planned to have a babysitter at home for when I want to go to the gym. It is a matter, again, of putting it into your calendar and treating it like it was a work appointment. If you find yourself not being able to make it happen, you have to ask yourself if this a priority in your life, or are you using your kids as an excuse? I believe if you really want to do something, you will find the time to do it. For those who do not have childcare or the means to join a gym and want to get some exercise into your lives, you can also utilize workout DVDs, or nowadays there are many YouTube Channels you can follow. When I was a new mom with my first-born five years ago, I found a neighborhood gym that let me bring my baby while I worked out. At times, he would stay in the car seat and watch me kick-box, and there were times I wore him in my Ergo and took a Zumba class with him on my body! It was so much fun! I didn't use childcare back then and did not belong to a gym so I did put in some P90X to do at home or found a nice yoga video to follow. Whatever you need to do to make it happen, make it happen! Bear in mind though, this is an easy subject for me to advise on as fitness is on the top of my list and it is definitely a priority. I do know it is hard for many to find the motivation, so you must find anything that motivates you and get you moving. It could be an event that you plan for you and your spouse, it could be a picture of a role model stuck on your bathroom wall or fridge, it could be a picture of yourself when you felt your best. This question is way more than just finding time to workout, it is truly asking yourself what you really want for your body and your health, how do you really want to look, what makes you feel best and putting it on your list of priorities, not just talking about it but putting it into action. I feel that when I exercise I really am a happier person.

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