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Decluttering (your space, your electronics and the people in your life)

Spring is here! Let's put the phrase "Spring Cleaning" to good use! This is the perfect time of year to declutter, be it your space meaning your home, your technology space meaning your computer, lap top, tablets or phone or the people "in" your life. First thing first: Your home.

This is a good time to research a little bit about Feng Shui. Cleaning up and tidying up your drawers, your closet, or your medicine cabinet will make you feel really good BUT if you add the idea of Feng Shui into the process, you will find that cleaning and rearranging to have more meaning makes it fun!

Decluttering your space

I found on that "Your kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money," says feng shui consultant Suzanne Metzger. Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized and full of fresh food you actually use. To attract more money, keep the stove clean — every burner must work and be used equally. Lastly, remove all clutter from the kitchen table. Doesn't just reading this motivate you to want to go to your kitchen to clean up? I love it! So go online and find little snippets like this to motivate you to want to clean up and tidy your living space