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Decluttering (your space, your electronics and the people in your life)

Spring is here! Let's put the phrase "Spring Cleaning" to good use! This is the perfect time of year to declutter, be it your space meaning your home, your technology space meaning your computer, lap top, tablets or phone or the people "in" your life. First thing first: Your home.

This is a good time to research a little bit about Feng Shui. Cleaning up and tidying up your drawers, your closet, or your medicine cabinet will make you feel really good BUT if you add the idea of Feng Shui into the process, you will find that cleaning and rearranging to have more meaning makes it fun!

Decluttering your space

I found on that "Your kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money," says feng shui consultant Suzanne Metzger. Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized and full of fresh food you actually use. To attract more money, keep the stove clean — every burner must work and be used equally. Lastly, remove all clutter from the kitchen table. Doesn't just reading this motivate you to want to go to your kitchen to clean up? I love it! So go online and find little snippets like this to motivate you to want to clean up and tidy your living space

Invite the good in

When I was 33 and was sending the message to the universe that I wanted to get pregnant, I bought a book called "Feng Shui for Modern Living" by Stephen Skinner, written back in 2000 (so things may have changed a bit), I followed his advice and moved my furniture to face a certain direction in order to invite fertility into my life and, within a month of having moved my furniture, I got pregnant! Of course I am not saying that that was the only reason I got pregnant but it definitely helped the "flow" of my apartment and the good vibes that go along with inviting what you want to happen in your life, to happen. So go ahead and have some fun with decluttering your space. Throwing things out is healthy because it creates space to invite new things into your life.

Decluttering your electronics

In this day and age, who does not have their computers, tablets and phones full of pictures and videos that they need to download and back up? We are constantly taking pictures and most of the time I see people taking five or more of the same exact shot and then just leaving them in their phones. I try to edit right away so I only have one or two of the same picture in my phone. I also dedicate a full day to decluttering those devices by putting it in my calendar. I spend that time backing up my pictures and then deleting them all off of my phone, camera, or tablet. I stress the fact that I put it in my calendar because it will never get done (with my four children keeping me busy), if I don't. When it comes to backing up your photos and videos, it is a good idea to have three sources of storage systems to keep your precious memories. For me, I have them on my desktop hard drive, I have them on my external hard drive that you can just buy from any electronic store like Best Buy or (1 Terabyte) and also a "cloud" of some sort. I even have them on for when I want to print my favorites out onto canopies or gifts to family. I would suggest to back up once a month.

On those days, I make it a little more fun by lighting a nice candle on my desk (most of the time, I use my COMFORT CANDLE CO. candle in "Comfort")

Get it from

A little bit about myself: I am still a little old fashioned and love to print out pictures to put into frames all over my house. That adds warmth in our home and makes guests' visits more fun!

Decluttering the people in your life

Decluttering people "in" your life. This is a touchy subject to some, but it is one that I feel that is important. I put the "in" in quotation marks because they are really not "in" your life and perhaps they need to be "out" of your life. We have so many people we know. Some are really good friends who know our family, some are good social friends whom we only like to see when we go out partying, some are friends that we are comfortable in calling for advice, some are simply acquaintances and some, we call family. No matter who these people are in your life, there is just ONE QUESTION to ask yourself if they really deserve to be in your life: "Do they make you feel good when you are in their presence?" So of course this cannot be viewed with a narrow mind. I am not saying this to be selfish. If a friend is going through some tough times, you of course, should be there for them, as I do believe friends are there for the good and for the bad. BUT if you feel that these friends are constantly coming to you for advice and they don't seem to be changing their ways and each time you see them, you are talking about the same negative topics and you feel like your energy has been zapped away and you walk out feeling exhausted time and time again then these are the people I am talking about. There is a quote going around on Instagram and Facebook:

I loved this when I read it! If you have a hard time doing so, perhaps it is wise to type this out, print it and stick it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself everyday. Same with the friends whom you feel you have to call or initiate all the time in order to keep in touch. "It takes two to tango." All relationships and friendships should be balanced. It is not unusual if one friend happens to be busier than the other (for example, one has 3 children and the other is a not married with a part time job) then there is a reason that perhaps the person not married with a part time job may have more time to call the mom of three. So you have to assess your idea of balance. Ultimately everyone in your life should add to your life. They can take away too but if they take away too much and the balance scale is off, then you know what to do. Life is short and we all have little time, so pick people you enjoy to be around you and get to know them more.


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