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Pregnancy and Body Image

Sexy pregnant woman

Ellie Z. from New York, NY. asks:

“How do you have a balanced and fulfilled sex life with children? Also, being pregnant and not feeling 'sexy'? How do you deal with body image issues with your spouse specifically in regards to sex, pregnant and after the birth of babies when you feel fat, etc?”

First of all, know that there is only a small period of time where you will be pregnant so DON'T even dare to think anything about being fat. This is the most beautiful time of your life so embrace it though I do know it is easier said than done. ​And it IS natural for a woman to feel "fat" when they see the weight number go up but just think, this is one of the ONLY times when a woman is allowed to increase in weight and for an amazing cause! As with the sex, just like anything else, PLAN IT! Yup, it sounds so unspontaneous and unexciting but if you don't plan it, it will probably not happen or happen much less. Your spouse will probably LOVE your glow and your pregnant body as you experience this most special time in your life so don't let your own thoughts put negative connotations on the weight gain. Most people find pregnant woman beautiful, if they don't, then they are probably very shallow!​

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