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Can You Stay Stylish While Pregnant?

Stylish pregnant woman

Ellie Z. from New York, NY. asks:

“For those newly pregnant​,​ can you recommend essential "must have" clothing items to help you feel comfortable but still look fashionable?”


- A pair of dark blue and black jeans​

​- A few soft and fitted longer length t-shirt tops that will hug your curves in classic colors like heather grey, black, white and navy. Maybe one bright color.

- A maxi dress

- A very comfy pair yoga pants​

​Honestly, for my first pregnancy, I did not buy a lot of maternity clothes as I found quite a few items that fitted me in my closet. You will be surprised at how many tops you already have that will stretch with your body and will still look good! Maternity clothes are so expensive that I also advise you to check on mommy pages on Facebook or ask any friends who have been pregnant recently and ask them if they have any to sell or give you. In my opinion, that money that you spend on maternity clothes is not worth it. Of course, spend the money on the key pieces that you can wear lots and lots and maybe buy one or two stand out pieces, but otherwise look in your closet!​ And accessorize! : ))

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