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Beauty around the world

Having lived in many different countries, I have experienced a thing or two about expectations of beauty in different places. Growing up in Hong Kong in my teenage years, I was always self conscious of my bottom that is larger than what is accepted. It was always a topic that brought negative emotions. I did not have the very straight slim body that the Chinese culture loves nor the straight hair nor white porcelain skin. In England, where I studied, boys appreciated bigger boobs and that is not what I have. In France, the beautiful women were tall model-like slim bodies with fashion style and the beautiful french language or accent when they speak English. BUT, I was already starting to learn to love my own body then because I fell in love with a French guy who made me feel appreciated and it was a romantic time. Until I landed back in America in my Senior Year in college, I finally really learned to appreciate my curves and most of all, my big butt. My not so straight hair made me stand out from other Asian girls, my bigger eyes and longer curlier lashes got people confused because they were not Chinese-like and I often got "Hawaiian or Filipina" as my ethnicity. Because of this, I often felt like a mixed child and not a pure-bred Chinese girl. The older I get, I realize how unimportant other people's opinions of my looks are. Being different from the typical Chinese girl look makes me beautiful.

From then on, I chose to love my body and myself no matter what country I would live in. Check out my video blog below on this topic!

Now, I feel confident everywhere I go. Incase you were wondering about the "asset" see the photos below! It is intended to be more of a fun picture than a sexy one. I hope I am not offending anyone by showing too much.

It may sound cliché- the whole confidence+ beauty thing, but it really is true. When I see a girl who may not be the most traditionally beautiful girl, but her personality radiates and you can tell she has confidence, she will become much more beautiful to me than a typical beautiful face. Don't you agree?

I hope that you will start living your life to the fullest by embracing yourself just as you are! That's why my slogan for my Chakras by didi brand is "Love Your Body, Love Yoga!"

Laugh and smile more because THAT is beautiful. Do things that you love because doing so will make you happy, and THAT is beautiful. Hanging out with people who love you will bring out the joy within you and THAT is beautiful.

With love,

If you're having trouble with your confidence, or would like advice on dealing with your identity where you live, I would love to help you! Visit our ask didi column to see what other people are asking me, or book a consultation now.

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