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How Mompreneurs Manage Their Night Time Routines

Being a mom is already the most challenging job there is. Now, moms everywhere are juggling their families along with booming careers. We call these women mompreneurs. says

Women have been starting businesses at a higher rate than men for the last 20 years and tend to create home-based micro (less than 5 employees) and small businesses. Women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018.

What's even more impressive is that a lot of these women entrepreneurs are also mothers. Imagine how hard it must be taking care of a family AND a business. Night time routines are very important if you want to be successful at home and in the work place.

Self Maintenance

Bed time routines are all about time management, efficiency, and love. Prioritizing and staying organized helps make going to bed easier. Instead of indulging in TV or social media, indulge in yourself. You cannot take care of a family or a business if you don't take care of yourself. Try unwinding with a beauty routine. Essential oils, Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankincense, and Marjoram are great for relaxation. Replacing media time with self maintenance not only allows you to relax, but it allows you to do something nice for yourself. My current favorite product at night is Rodan + Fields Reverse Regimen. I am enjoying the results from this brand!

Check your calendar

Don't forget to prepare your mindset for the next day or week ahead. I do this by reviewing my calendar. This way, I know roughly how my day or week will go. As my mind engages in the potential activities for the next few days, subconsciously I begin to have ideas in my brain. For example, while I am brushing my teeth or as I am falling asleep, sometimes I think of the best ideas. The brain works in wondrous ways. Knowing what lies ahead can help manage expectations and also allows you to revel in the upcoming achievements. Checking your calendar will put your mind at ease and allow you to sleep better because you will feel confident that you are prepared for the day and week ahead.

Preparing you children for bed

Having a uniform bedtime routine not only helps eliminate chaos and frustration for you, but for your little ones too. For older children, making a list is an effective way to help them learn independence. You still want to be part of their bedtime routine and be present, but having them be accountable for their own tasks is really healthy. Pinterest has great search results for "bedtime routines". You can print out these pre-made lists or make your own.

If you have small children or multiples, try utilizing their high chairs at bath time. Having all four of my small children in the bathroom at the same time helps me to get more done and it provides an opportunity for us all to play and laugh together. I shower my older children while my babies are in their high chairs. We dance and sing and make the babies laugh. Before I tuck the older children in, I have them read while I prepare twins for bed. Being a mother is all about creativity and organization. You have to be in control and you must have a plan. If you are repeatedly frustrated, unhappy or exude a stressful energy, your kids will feel it and will also adapt to those emotions. That's why self maintenance is so important. Stay calm and be prepared! But most importantly be present and enjoy those moments with your children, even why they are misbehaving!


Spend time with your partner before bed by talking about the day's happenings. Try not to make it all about the negative parts of the day though it is ok to allow yourself to vent sometimes as we are all human. But I stress the word "sometimes" because complaining daily about how you hate your job or being negative all the time could hurt your relationship in the long run. Having a positive interaction with your significant other before bed is important when aiming to get a good night's sleep! If you don't let yourself get caught up in personal woes and negativity, you will have all the energy you need the next day to conquer your tasks.


After you take care of your responsibilities, make sure you decompress. A healthy work routine makes for a successful business. Work does have to come to an end each day. You have to allow yourself to "clock out". Psychology Today discussed the importance of decompressing in an insightful article called "Transitions From Work to Home".

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Taking on a business venture or a full time job on top of parenting is very brave. As long as you stay organized and emotionally balanced, you can do anything. And you will! Believe in yourself and know that you have the power to make your life the best it can be!


Master Practitioner of Integrative Wellness. Life and Love coach.

For more advice on business and parenting head over to our Ask Didi section to ask any me anything!

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