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Tips to becoming a Super Mom

A question I get weekly is "How do you do it all?". For those of you who do not know about my latest business venture, I created an events and social media agency called Social Spotlight. Read more here or check out the website.

I am now officially balancing three businesses along with my beautiful family. I've had moments recently where I found myself reflecting on my abilities as a mother and as a business woman. There were times when I wished I was less busy, so I could spend even more time with my children. As mothers, we are hard on ourselves when we realize there isn't enough of us to go around. I am not perfect. No one is. Just like everyone, I make mistakes. All we can do is be our best selves and be the best we can be for our families.

Here are some tips I've learned that will help you to become the ultimate super mom!


I try to hand off at least one chore to someone else each day. Usually for me, it's food preparation. So the chopping of the garlic, the onions, the vegetables and the meat. If I ask my husband or babysitter to do this for me, I get precious time back with my little ones.


As I've mentioned in past blogs, I believe in self love and taking time for yourself! One thing I haven't mentioned before is that I love love love to binge watch episodes of my favorite TV Dramas. A few of my favorites are: Homeland, The Crown, The Affair, Scandal, Empire, House of Cards, Access Hollywood, 24 Legacy, and The Bachelor. I also am obsessed with getting deep tissue massages with my favorite essential oils. I try to find time to exercise. My personal favorite form of exercise is a good traditional 90 mins Vinyasa Flow yoga class and my Favorite App is Class Pass!

Parenting hacks.

To avoid juice spills I teach my children to flip up the "ears" of juice boxes and hold them while they drink their juices so it won't spill. I find a lot of these little tricks save me from cleaning a ton of messes through out the day. These little tips also help my children develop good habits.

Positive Reminders.

Find a word that constantly reminds you of the joy your child brings to your life.

My word is "blessed". Keep your word in mind as the challenges of your day start to bring you down. Children can be challenging- especially when you're juggling so many things, but children are an irreplaceable gift. We must always be grateful for them!

Reflect on moments that made you proud.

My child's pre-school teacher asked me "How do you parent the happiest child in the world?". Sometimes when I am second guessing myself as a mother, I like to pat myself on the back by remembering small victories.

Pass along good advice to your children.

Teaching your children morals and manners will go a LONG way and make your life easier. You will receive less bad news from their teachers and they will be more polite at home. I like to encourage my children to be kind and generous. If you instill these qualities in your children early on, you will spend a lot less time correcting them during the day. I also try to raise my children to be honest. This quality will take them far day to day, and in their future. Although, I may have told a few white lies like: Telling my son that spinach will make him strong like Popeye and then he will be able to run faster! (He LOVES to run and likes speed). I also encourage my children to be health conscious and I try to inspire them to stay active by leading by example.

Be Present.

Be present with your children and treasure the quality time with them. This means resisting texting and social media while playing with them, or letting a TV show distract you. The best thing that you can give your children is time.


I train myself to be really good at time management and organization. If you prioritize things in your calendar, you will most likely get them done. This means even scheduling personal time.

Read Books.

I literally have no time to sit down to read anything without being disturbed! But I did read a book when I only had one child and that was "Fifty Shades of Gray" because every Mama still needs to feel desired and sexy! If you are like me and have no time for books, listen to an audio book on the way to pick up your children each day to invigorate your mind when you have that alone time.

Be prepared on the go.

I keep these things in my diaper bag: Diapers in a protector bag to keep them clean, Baby wipes, Diaper changing mat, Tissues, Extra set of clothes and socks for each child under three, snacks, Vaseline, Blankets (when cooler weather), teething toys and hair bands and clips.

For expectant mothers.

I think being pregnant and giving birth to a newborn child is the most special time in a woman's life. Whenever I think back to those stages of my life, I smile and render in those miracles that I experienced. Having the opportunity to dedicate part of my career to working with this particular demographic brings me so much joy. I love helping women get their minds ready for the experience and get them thinking about how their lives are about to change. Don't worry about the weight gain and let go of those negative self image thoughts. Make sure you have some great photos of you and your belly! Spend as much time as possible alone and with your spouse before the baby is born!

Marriage and relationships.

Make sure your relationships are as strong as they could be before bringing a baby into the world because you are now responsible for their happiness and well being. You have the responsibility now, to shape them into good human beings. You should focus on bringing joy into their lives. They are always watching you. Children have a beautiful way of feeling our energy and mimicking what we do. Be the best example you can be especially when it pertains to love and relationships.

For new moms.

Babies cry. It is their way of communicating so do not let the cries panic you. As a mother, you already know best for your child so trust your instincts. And listen to other parents' advice with "a grain of salt!" - even mine : )


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