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5 Style Tips For Fit Moms On The Go

As a mother of four who often feels overwhelmed, I am finding less and less time each day for myself. As a professional woman, I know I must look put together. Here are a few tips I've learned to look and feel my best on the go.

1. Look for items while shopping that are universal.

I like to start my day in yoga clothes that have both fabulous style and great function. This way I can work out and run errands on my way home. Check out my Yoga line here

2. Find a great scarf.

A scarf can instantly add some punch to any outfit. Look for a great pattern or a fun color to really knock it out of the park!

3. Dry Shampoo

This is a great way to instantly look refreshed after your work out, or even after getting off of a flight. Batiste is a fabulous affordable option you can throw in your handbag on the go.

4. Throw a cool jacket over your outfit.

Whether you are an ultra cool mom that loves a good faux leather jacket, or a trendy/chic mom that loves a good cape, this is a quick way to jazz up your look. Here are some affordable options:

5. Carry a fun vibrant handbag.

Get away from the frumpy diaper bag and neutral handbags. Choose a stylish, colorful handbag to carry. This can instantly turn up your look and no one will know you have baby wipes in there!

Overall, accessorizing is my mom life hack to fabulosity. I hope these tips get you out the door fast & fiercely! :)


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