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Things I Can't Live Without

I wanted to share with you all the products I absolutely love. These products help me get through the busy days running errands with my children, to my big red carpet events, and everything in between!

Beauty Counter Facial Oils

I love how these oils feel on my skin. They smell great and are not too heavy. They contain only natural ingredients, and do not posess harsh chemicals.

Lilly Lashes.

I was never the type to get all dolled up, but my job requires me being in front of the camera often. Every woman knows that a great set of lashes can elevate your look and take it to the next level. I LOVE these lashes. They are gorgeous on camera, but also look natural in person. I am wearing these lashes in the photo of me pictured above in the style "GODDESS". I first discovered these lashes from my makeup artist Steven Tabimba. You can find Steven on Instagram @glamtechstevent. Don't steal him away from me!

Sundari's Gotu Kola Body Scrub.

This is the best body scrub to prep your body for a spray tan. I don't spray tan often, but I do prefer it over sun exposure. When I do decide to get an artificial tan for an event, I choose to prep my skin properly, so to avoid any spray tan disasters. We have all been there!

Blistex Lip Balm.

This lip balm is my favorite. I put it on right before I turn off the lights every night. This is also a great marriage tip! Keep your lips soft for your partner. A small detail like this goes a long way. Especially in a busy marriage. Your loved one is worth it, and will appreciate the little things!

L'Occitane shea butter hand cream.

I add a little bit of Tangerine oil from Aveda to it. The scent makes me smile every time. It keeps my hands soft as I like to wash my hands often with many children in tow!


This bodysuit keeps my body looking slim underneath dresses, blouses, or jeans. This is my staple. I have it in black and nude.


I wear them practically everyday. They are so comfortable and cool. I have to stay on trend, as my companies revolve around fashion. I also grew up with a DEEP love for fashion and have studied it most of my life, so even when I dress down, I like to go with stylish comfort wear.

Skinny Fit Tea

I never thought I would see myself posing with one of these tea products you see on instagram. I only endorse things I truly enjoy and pass on my favorites to others, because I love making people happy. I accidentally found out about this brand during an event for my company, Social Spotlight Events. A beautiful young woman named Tia Mcdonald was in attendance as an influencer, and she turned me on to her tea brand- called Skinny Fit. I have to admit I do like most teas, but I especially love the fruity fragrance of Skinny Fit and it gives me that boost of energy mothers need.

I told you my favorites, now I would love to hear yours!


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