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Making Time for Yourself First

Didi with her twins

Ellie Z. from New York, NY. asks:

“How do you balance and find time for your self, your children, your career, working out, etc...?”

This is again to do with planning but first and foremost, make sure you SLEEP!!!! If you are not able to get your good 7-9 hours at night time then try very hard to take a nap when the baby takes his or her nap. I know you will feel like you have a million things to do but really, if you do not get that sleep, you will not have any energy to do anything or to do it well. Once you sleep, then you will have the motivation or excitement to take care of yourself. If you have no sleep, you will not feel good and will only get depressed and sluggish and not accomplish anything to its fullest. Now once you have your sleep in order, then plan for time with yourself (working out, massage, hiking or meeting a girlfriend for lunch?) and then make sure you take a mommy and me class with your baby and if you are a working mom, then make sure to shut that computer off and turn the phone on silent so you do focus on yourself and baby at those planned times. It's like on the airplane how they tell you to put your mask on first before helping others - If you are not taken care of, how can you expect to take care of everything and everyone else?

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