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Interior Design and Its Importance In Our Everyday Lives

Our living space and state of mind are intrinsically linked. As human beings, we tend to absorb energies from our environment - that's what makes us appreciate the beauty of nature, a colorful sunset, or a well-designed room or building. If you're anything like me, it's much easier to scroll through Pinterest and bookmark what you want your home to look like, versus making it happen. Who has the time, right?

But if you invest a little time/money/energy into actually accomplishing those ideas, it'll make a world of difference. You'll be happier, feel more refreshed and energized, and you'll get more out of your relaxation time. Environment has a big effect on your health, happiness, and motivation, even though you may not think about it consciously.

I, myself - as I'm sure you do, also - always prefer neat and tidy spaces with good lighting and thoughtful design, but I, myself, have never been a particularly tidy person. I admit that when I actually spend time cleaning and tidying up my own environment, it does emphatically change my mood and motivation level for the better. I feel accomplished, energized, balanced... but spending the time and effort to make it that way is the hardest part.

That's why I love spending time at Didi's home. It's so elegantly designed and decorated, it just makes you feel calm and peaceful, even if the kids are rowdy in the background. Didi's feng shui sensibility gives each room an effortless zen-like aesthetic. Every time I go there, I feel relaxed, at ease, and inspired. Work flows easily, and if I need to take a break, I can just pick a corner of the house and tap out. It makes me want to emulate this in my own home, if I can ever muster up the will to do so!

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