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Watch Didi's live interview with Daniel Bruce Levin.

Watch Didi's live interview with Bernardo Moya, founder of the Best You Brand.

Watch Didi's live interview for LeadUp for Women with Colleen Briggs.

Watch Didi's live interview for LeadUp for Women with Colleen Briggs.

Watch Didi's appearance on Good Morning LALA Land.

From the episode description:

"Overachiever alert! The incredible Didi Wong, CEO, Social Spotlight Events, and oh so much more! We are talking about her incredible journey in so many different professions! From the Yes Academy to being a prostitute on the legendary TV show The Sopranos, Didi Wong is also an author, entrepreneur, and a mother of four!"

Good Living, hosted and created by Didi Wong.

Didi was asked to be a contributor writer in the brand new beautifully curated magazine "In the LimeLight".

She gives you a glimpse into her world as a mother of four, serial entrepreneur and describes how Broadway was really the stage that led her to America.

Didi Named Goodwill Ambassador for the Women Economic Forum

Didi was given the title of being a Goodwill Ambassador for The Women Economic Forum to recognize her for connecting over 1000+ women to WEF’s MISSION MILLION 2022.  As the head of the WEF Los Angeles, she is endeavoring to help make this dream come true for The Women Economic Forum.  Please join the mission on Facebook group:  WEF MISSION MILLION 2022.

Didi was interviewed on Times Square Today. She explains her start as an Entrepreneur and what advice she'd give to those just starting on the path to entrepreneurship.

"In honor of Women’s Month, Herbivore Botanicals celebrates the indomitable spirit of female entrepreneurs who are shattering stigmas and breaking glass ceilings. In each inspiring conversation, we explore the meaning of womanhood and the power of divine feminine energy."

"Think about what it is that you want in life and how is it that you can achieve it by taking baby steps," said Didi Wong, an integrative wellness and life coach. "If it is to lose weight, could you simply take out all sodas from your diet? If it's to get back in shape, could you go for a walk or run beginning with just once a week?"

I think being pregnant and giving birth to a child is the most special time in a woman's life. Whenever I think back to those stages of my life, I smile and render in those miracles that I experienced, so working with this particular demographic brings me so much joy. I love helping women get their minds ready for the experience and thinking about how their lives are about to change.

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